Saturday, August 29

My 26th Birthday: A Story in Pictures.

We drove up to Chico for my 26th birthday so we could visit Mando's good friend, David Jones, who lives in Georgia and we haven't seen since our wedding. It was also a great opportunity for me to see Chico and put pictures to the stories Mando always tells about his "glory days." We had a great time and I actually ended up liking Chico.
Beautiful downtown Chico. The kids loved these fountains!

Julian: No fear when it comes to water. He crawled out to the middle of the fountain and had water falling over him!

Mateo getting soaked!

My sweet baby having a blast

Mateo showing off his crack

Jonesy and JuJu

Yummy ice cream cake I bought for myself. David actually put 26 candles on it!

We had dinner at the Sierra Nevada Brewery. Here is Mando sampling the beers...

... and Mateo sampling the "cow's milk"

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