Sunday, November 1

Holy Crud!

I have not blogged in about a million years! Things are kinda crazy around here. I am rarely ever home and when I am, I am either doing homework, spending time with the kiddos, or feverishly trying to get caught up with my Tivo. Don't think that last one will ever happen...

Well, it has been pretty rough for me lately. Things have been changing a lot. I have a secret that I haven't told many people.. guess I can tell my blog since not many people read it... But Mando and I are separating, going our separate ways, or whatever is the PC term for ending a marriage. It's really sad because I never ever EVER thought I would be that girl but I just can't be with someone who doesn't love me. I think I deserve to be loved, right?? Well, anyways. He moved out and I am still here. My sister moved in because she left her boyfriend too. Ok this is getting waaay too melodramatic for me. Time for a Halloween post!!

Saturday, September 26

All the single ladies....

Mateo has been in heaven this week. This is due to the fact that his favorite song, "Single Ladies" by Beyonce, has been in heavy rotation this week. I am not quite sure why he loves the song so much, but he goes around every day singing, "Oh oh oh oh oh oh ohhh shoulda put a ring on it!" It's pretty funny but since the song is kind of old now, he hasn't been singing it quite as much as before. But this week he was thrilled to not only see Beyonce perform it on some award show or other, but also to see that it was being sung multiple times on Glee. As soon as he hears the song he comes running. And then last night we watched the hilarious video of the baby dancing to it on Youtube and a parody from SNL. I am not quite sure why it is in such heavy rotation again but Mateo isn't questioning it. So keep in coming, Beyonce!

Q: What do you get when you let a 3 year old play with your camera?

A: About 5 million pictures of Wolverine posing in front of the tv.

10 months Old!!

Julian is officially 10 months old today. I say officially because I started calling him 10 months old about 2.5 weeks ago. People always ask how old he is and I reply, "Oh, almost 10 months." Works for me. I don't know why I round up. You'd think I might round down so I can cherish his precious baby time longer but for some reason or another, I always say he is older than he really is.

Anyways, Julian still has no teeth. It doesn't really matter to me but it matters to Jude. He is very unhappy with the whole no teeth situation. Mostly because he is a fat little pig and wants to eat everything Mateo eats. He refuses to eat baby food anymore. In fact, when I try to feed it to him, he screams at me, grabs the spoon, and throws it at me. Not a pretty sight. So he pretty much crawls around following Mateo and eats whatever Mateo accidentally drops on the ground.. like a dog. We feed him Cheerios, little pieces of fruit, and other soft things that he can suck on and then swallow but he is not happy with that. He wants pizza. He wants french fries. He wants grilled cheese sandwiches and chicken nuggets, even steak and salad. He has a serious case of tooth envy. Poor thing. I just wish those teeth would come in because there is only so much frustrated screaming that I can handle.

Monday, September 21

Kids say the darndest...

Mateo has been a little slow when it comes to speaking. It seems like he has picked up a lot of words since he was a baby but I often hear kids younger than him who can speak so much better and clearer than him. This has caused me endless worry for a while now. Not to mention the fact that every mom within a million mile radius of me that I come into contact with is always bragging about how their kids are able to read Shakespeare at age 2 and comprehend it too, or whatever.

Anyhow, in the last 6 months or so, Mateo has been talking up a storm. I can really have a conversation with him. This is something I have waited for and dreamed about for a long time. Unfortunately, he has picked up a couple of things that I have said around the house... You know, those words that you say occasionally around the kids and think, "It's ok, he doesn't know what that means..." One of his favorite things to say is "What the hell?!" At first I didn't know where he got it from. Then his grandma asked him and he said mommy. I was in denial until I caught myself saying it today.

That's not all! Yesterday I was getting out of the shower and Mateo saw me getting dressed. He says, "Mommy, nobody wants to see that!" And then later he slaps my stomach and says, "Fat belly!" I said, "You think mommy is fat?" and he says, "Yeah, real fat." Lol. On second thought, maybe he should go back to not talking!!!

Thursday, September 17

Holy Cow!

I feel like I haven't blogged on forever. This is due mainly to my anatomy class which has sucked the life and soul out of me and makes my brain hurt. But at least I am learning more about the human body and am one step closer to being a Labor and Delivery nurse.

Things have been rough around here but I am determined to be strong and independent so that I can get through it. At least I always have my boys to give me love. Lots of love!!

Saturday, August 29

My 26th Birthday: A Story in Pictures.

We drove up to Chico for my 26th birthday so we could visit Mando's good friend, David Jones, who lives in Georgia and we haven't seen since our wedding. It was also a great opportunity for me to see Chico and put pictures to the stories Mando always tells about his "glory days." We had a great time and I actually ended up liking Chico.
Beautiful downtown Chico. The kids loved these fountains!

Julian: No fear when it comes to water. He crawled out to the middle of the fountain and had water falling over him!

Mateo getting soaked!

My sweet baby having a blast

Mateo showing off his crack

Jonesy and JuJu

Yummy ice cream cake I bought for myself. David actually put 26 candles on it!

We had dinner at the Sierra Nevada Brewery. Here is Mando sampling the beers...

... and Mateo sampling the "cow's milk"