Saturday, September 26

10 months Old!!

Julian is officially 10 months old today. I say officially because I started calling him 10 months old about 2.5 weeks ago. People always ask how old he is and I reply, "Oh, almost 10 months." Works for me. I don't know why I round up. You'd think I might round down so I can cherish his precious baby time longer but for some reason or another, I always say he is older than he really is.

Anyways, Julian still has no teeth. It doesn't really matter to me but it matters to Jude. He is very unhappy with the whole no teeth situation. Mostly because he is a fat little pig and wants to eat everything Mateo eats. He refuses to eat baby food anymore. In fact, when I try to feed it to him, he screams at me, grabs the spoon, and throws it at me. Not a pretty sight. So he pretty much crawls around following Mateo and eats whatever Mateo accidentally drops on the ground.. like a dog. We feed him Cheerios, little pieces of fruit, and other soft things that he can suck on and then swallow but he is not happy with that. He wants pizza. He wants french fries. He wants grilled cheese sandwiches and chicken nuggets, even steak and salad. He has a serious case of tooth envy. Poor thing. I just wish those teeth would come in because there is only so much frustrated screaming that I can handle.

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