Monday, September 21

Kids say the darndest...

Mateo has been a little slow when it comes to speaking. It seems like he has picked up a lot of words since he was a baby but I often hear kids younger than him who can speak so much better and clearer than him. This has caused me endless worry for a while now. Not to mention the fact that every mom within a million mile radius of me that I come into contact with is always bragging about how their kids are able to read Shakespeare at age 2 and comprehend it too, or whatever.

Anyhow, in the last 6 months or so, Mateo has been talking up a storm. I can really have a conversation with him. This is something I have waited for and dreamed about for a long time. Unfortunately, he has picked up a couple of things that I have said around the house... You know, those words that you say occasionally around the kids and think, "It's ok, he doesn't know what that means..." One of his favorite things to say is "What the hell?!" At first I didn't know where he got it from. Then his grandma asked him and he said mommy. I was in denial until I caught myself saying it today.

That's not all! Yesterday I was getting out of the shower and Mateo saw me getting dressed. He says, "Mommy, nobody wants to see that!" And then later he slaps my stomach and says, "Fat belly!" I said, "You think mommy is fat?" and he says, "Yeah, real fat." Lol. On second thought, maybe he should go back to not talking!!!

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Violet said...

Well, I haven't seen you naked, but I didn't think you were fat the last time I saw you!

I think it's kind of adorable that he slapped your belly, though. :]