Saturday, September 26

All the single ladies....

Mateo has been in heaven this week. This is due to the fact that his favorite song, "Single Ladies" by Beyonce, has been in heavy rotation this week. I am not quite sure why he loves the song so much, but he goes around every day singing, "Oh oh oh oh oh oh ohhh shoulda put a ring on it!" It's pretty funny but since the song is kind of old now, he hasn't been singing it quite as much as before. But this week he was thrilled to not only see Beyonce perform it on some award show or other, but also to see that it was being sung multiple times on Glee. As soon as he hears the song he comes running. And then last night we watched the hilarious video of the baby dancing to it on Youtube and a parody from SNL. I am not quite sure why it is in such heavy rotation again but Mateo isn't questioning it. So keep in coming, Beyonce!

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Rachel said...

what is it with kids and that song? ronan has been in love with it forever too!
love your blog momma!