Sunday, November 1

Holy Crud!

I have not blogged in about a million years! Things are kinda crazy around here. I am rarely ever home and when I am, I am either doing homework, spending time with the kiddos, or feverishly trying to get caught up with my Tivo. Don't think that last one will ever happen...

Well, it has been pretty rough for me lately. Things have been changing a lot. I have a secret that I haven't told many people.. guess I can tell my blog since not many people read it... But Mando and I are separating, going our separate ways, or whatever is the PC term for ending a marriage. It's really sad because I never ever EVER thought I would be that girl but I just can't be with someone who doesn't love me. I think I deserve to be loved, right?? Well, anyways. He moved out and I am still here. My sister moved in because she left her boyfriend too. Ok this is getting waaay too melodramatic for me. Time for a Halloween post!!

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Anonymous said...

!! :(

I'm here for you if you EVER need anything. Seriously.


Missey Vi